“Two in Spades”
September 2005

Darkness is the answer
I didn’t write it like that y’know
If it were up to me, it’d be
A million different things at once
Instead of just
get it.
I don’t know.
We’re trying/ getting better though
You see it in the smile
Of a child
Who is laughing
For a while
Then it goes out
like a light
it’s darkness
What’s the question?
No one’s asking
So forgive us
For trespassing
and for walking
on the grass
we don’t mean to
disappoint you
but this living
stuff’s a blast.
when you get
down to it
what’s the difference
if you knew it
from the beginning
I say.
Cheer up.
You’ll live.
At least for now.
You’ll live.

Have I mentioned that I’m a fan of absurdist movements? Like Dadaism, for instance? Not enough to actually study them, you know, but I’m a distant fan. My favorite one is the painting of a pipe with the caption: “Ce n’est pas une pipe.” (This is not a pipe.)

By the way, this poem makes little to no sense. Just sayin’.