“Treading Softly”
September 2005

Passing sand like the falling time
Hourglass broken; lying on its side
Nowhere’s safe for crying
Everywhere someone’s dying
All the world is like a stage
Where we all try to act our age

Don’t try to keep me by your side
I’ve got to spread my wings and fly
To fly, to fly
I’ll spread my wings and fly, away

Summer fallen into disrepair
Knocking on your door, but no one’s there
Don’t shy away from like
Your troubles or your strife
Seasons change with no one’s consent
There’s no reason for your malcontent

Don’t keep yourself from flying
Don’t leave too early for dying
To die, to die
Don’t got too soon, to fly away

Golly-Bob Howdy, does this poem ever need work. I’d actually like to see it as a song, but with, y’know, better lyrics. I can see it has some potential, and I like some of the imagery that I created, the rhymes are kinda cool, but it really does need work. *shakes head* My notes say “treading softly is only the beginning.”