“Room to Breathe”
September 2005

You wouldn’t be surprised
By my unconflicted, unaccepting ways
You’ve seen everything I’m capable of
And all my twisted thoughts
From within my own blind eyes

Don’t force it upon yourself
To see this through to the end
I’m not worth the effort
I’ll do this on my own time
Don’t worry about me

I’ve righted wrongs worse than this
You needn’t concern yourself
Why is it you persist
I’m growing tired of
/ pushing you away
Don’t make me ask you
To let me be alone

It’s hard to stay this way
I’m fighting every day
I’ll work my way to the top
And I won’t need your help
/ you’ll see
Just wait and give me
Room to breathe

Sometimes you need space and you can’t just tell someone to leave you alone. Sometimes you can’t ask for space because if you have to ask, then someone missed an important social cue, and there can be devastating emotional repercussions.

But you need space, what do you do? Don’t look at me, I never figured it out.