“Red Star Dancing”
August 2005

The stars are out in force tonight
The planets come into alignment
I see you standing across the way
You wore red tonight

The air is cold out, I see your breath
Standing all alone, quiet, reserved, untouchable
I hold my breath and breathe with you
Timing my movements to match yours

I can’t tell my legs what to do, my mind screams
I’m walking to you, reaching out my hand
I touch your arm and smile at you
And you say you’d love to dance
I don’t remember asking

We stand outside, the night now warm
The stars all whirl around, laughing and twinkling
You’re resting your chin on my shoulder
And I’m resting mine on yours
You’re pressing your hands into my back
And I enjoy their warm weight there

The dance is done, it seems, at least our feet stopped moving
Our hands tap and slide and shuffle
On one anothers’ bodies
No longer can articulate, our lips take up the lead
The stars still spin, ’round you and I
And I feel lighter than this air

The cold weight of hours pulls down on my shoulders
And you gently brush it away
There’s no need to sleep just yet
I could sway here with you forever

A light goes out, and then another
The stars begin to fade
The sun peers over the mountainside
And the world’s no longer moving
The morning’s begun
At last we go home
But it won’t be tomorrow
‘Til we’ve finished dancing today

Way better than “are we human, or are we denser?” I’ll tell you who’s dense…