“Misty Morning”
September 2005

Your naked form in morning light
Your body drenched with sweat
The mist clung to you like a cloak
And swirled with every breath

I watched you dancing in the field
Lithe and snowy starling
You seemed to glide over the grass
As though you were flying

And with the changing of the wind
The curtain seemed to fall
You didn’t bow, but disappeared
And I was left in awe

This poem was originally inspired by a photo I stumbled across on Deviant Art of a woman running through a field or something with sunlight streaming through the mist. I had a link in the poem’s description, but now the photo has either been removed from the site or placed into storage, and the poem is all that remains.

I might have saved a copy of the photo to my hard drive back in 2005 when I originally wrote the poem (as I tended to do when I found a picture that inspired me to write) but it was likely lost in the interim. It’s interesting, how much like the normal course of events that is — I write a poem about something fleeting. Usually a feeling, this one a photo now disappeared from the ‘Net.