“Lost Without Love”
September 2005

We say goodbye
and flutters what do know
a heart full of sorrow
a dying sunset incapable of love
what is this world coming to?

I don’t know what’s to come
My eyes are blinded on the inside
Synchronizing time to fit demands
Stay with what you believe
In the end it’ll all come clean

You stare at me
lost in yourself
lost without self
lost without purpose
lost without soul
you come to me asking

For answers

Now I can stop looking for the poem with “flutters what do know,” because I found it. I mean, I wasn’t going out of my way to find it, I just kept thinking “I should figure out which old poem used that weird expression,” and lo! My search has ended before it begun. The title sounds like a song by Imogen Heap. *shrug*