“Living in the City Limits”
August 2005

A concrete jungle’s no new scene to me
I look to the sky and buildings block my view
Cars fly by like jungle birds of prey
I hear people talking
Walking loudly on the street

I can feel lonely in this sea of bodies
This humid forest of brick and mortar
It’s easy enough to get lost
It’s easy enough to get eaten
It’s easy to get carried away by a river
Of free-flowing bodies going one direction

The light changes green and I find myself
Fast-falling to the bottom of the food chain
And losing my grip /Hands soaked
Slippery with sweat /I’m all alone
And the world is rushing past me

I can’t catch myself /Falling to the forest floor
The canopy of wires /Laundry above me
I land on the sidewalk by a crosswalk
Curious bystanders looking onward
Like I’m a specimen
Or just a garbage-rat

The pavement flows with life /In vibrant colors
All manner of animals /Here
Living and dying /But living

I changed up the format a little, here and there, made a couple spelling corrections, but that’s all. This poem was written based on inspiration from the previous poem, “High-speed Nighttime Escapades,” but has little in common with it apart from that.

It was from this poem that my friend Megan derived the term “grabbage rats,” or something about cabbages. I don’t rightly remember, I’d have to ask her. *snerk*