“Live On”
September 2005

You can’t take away
That part of me
That always resides in you
It’s there because of time we shared
It’s there because of love we shared
Nothing can make me go away forever
You leave me here alone
Deserted, abandoned, by myself
But I survive in spite of this
Rejuvenated by my sense of purpose
My urge to just live on
I’ll live to see you again
There’s no doubt of that
I’ll exist for this one purpose
The purpose to continue
To continue moving on
Moving forward
Living upward
Stretching outward
Filling this space, this life
With all that’s me and mine
I will live on

This could probably do with a better title. There’s a weird feeling in this poem, and reading it again now, I think it wanders a bit from idea to idea. Actually, after reading it a couple times, it’s like the narrator has “died” in some emotional form, but knows that “technically” they’re still alive because someone who knows them still exists.

Kind of a weird, creepy “my heart will go on” kind of thing. *snerk*