September 2005

Jumping, bouncing, wild and free
When all the world’s a trampoline
Living life unbound and open
Taking each moment with ease

Do, does, done, did
Life’s for living, living free
Done, does, did, do
Nothing’s left, who let die youth

Open, unending, world’s apart
Living life responsibly
Care for friends and loves long lost
Let live and live life at long last

What’s left for those who let youth die
Is a long and loveless fate

Sing, laughing, dancing in the sun
Dirty shoes can be washed later
They’re only there for walking
Anyway, we soar, what good’s walking?

My notes on this poem say that it’s rough and unfocused, and I totally agree. It’s kind of near, but it is rough and difficult to follow. The language is kind of messy, and while I was obviously playing with conjugation of verbs, it’s hard to see what I was actually trying to do with them.

One of these days, when I have time, maybe a weekend — or when I’m writing for a living, and I’m looking to actually bundle up poetry and sell it, I might actually go back and fix a couple of these poems. For now, they’re just raw … wordage … but I can still see the potential in them, which is nice. :P