“High-speed Nighttime Escapade”
August 2005

It’s a long road yet to go
Night has fallen and there’s miles yet to cover
A sign goes by at ninety-five
With no sign of getting slower
My head is nodding/ No caffeine can support me now
But I trust you/ Or I’m too tired to care
And I’m not afraid if I’ll wake again

My subconscious is aware
Of your high-speed nighttime antics
I vaguely hear your muttered curses
We’re not going too fast/ For the traffic around us
I see the world rushing by us in a haze
Headed for Las Vegas with an open, vacant sky
And half-closed, vacant eyes

I’m faintly aware when someone cuts you off
I hear you subdue a shout
So you don’t wake me up
I hadn’t gotten much sleep/ The night before
And this is the first time/ I’ve been this relaxed

This was written, I believe, to commemorate a trip that my friend Don and I made to Las Vegas. I’d been awake for more than 24 hours and I totally passed out in the car. He had to drive like a madman to make sure we didn’t get hit by the other, seriously deranged drivers. I was only faintly aware of what was going on, since I kept slipping in and out the whole way.