“Going Gone”
September 2005

Whining, crying
Misdeeds flying
Left and right
Out of sight
I’m bleeding and
I’m breathing and
You’re singing but
They’re breeding
Just too fast
We’re outnumbered
We are cornered
There’s no hope now
There’s no quarter
We must run now
Got to hide now
Must live on now
Can’t move past now
Run away
Run away
Run away
I can’t see you
Through the fog
of misconception
This escalating
sense of elation
seems a bit
to our life
to our life
Now I turn around
And there you are
Take my hand now
And let’s move on
Let’s go far away
From this place
Now let’s go on
Now let’s go on
Now let’s get gone
Get gone
Get gone

My notes on this are pretty sparse — apparently I wrote it in less than twenty minutes or so, when I had a writing goal. *chuckles* Not unlike trying to get this ready to publish sometime after I go to sleep, very, very early this morning. (Or late last night, depending on your perspective.)