“Entombed Within Stone”
September 2005

The wind tells our tale
We wait through trying times
Alone in stark, mad darkness
We hold for one to shine
And light our way out

Dry and dusty
Let us waste
We have no more to give
The water dry
Our throats cracked
Our lips for want
Our souls are bare

No more waiting
We have died
Our spirits left the body
Forever trapped
In stone, in rock, in dust
Our effigy
Until one comes to set us free
In darkness we must wait

I didn’t much care for this when I wrote it, but a friend of mine took a look at it some years back, and we tried to turn it into a song. There was a melody, and we were working on verses and everything, but it didn’t go anywhere, near as I can tell. I don’t mind so much, but if she kept what we worked on, and actually made something of it, that would be cool, too.

We approached it from the angle of making it about a group of dwarves trapped in a caved-in mine while they waited for their enemies to break in and slaughter them, or for their supplies (or air) to run out. It might have been poignant around the time the Chilean miners were trapped — but there was another mining accident back when we were working on the song. Mines are freakin’ dangerous things.