September 2005

Life is pain
And we’re back here again
Life is breathing
And our air is running out
Life is feeling
And our nerves are all cold

My life is an ocean
My waves break on your shores
Gently lapping waters
And great roiling storms
Feel fish tickling beaches
The ocean is my life

Life is moving
And we’re all stuck immobile
Life is turning
And we’re all facing forward
Life is pain
And we’re all back here again

Trapped in shells
Of mortal fragility
Set our spirits free
To our spiritual ability
Set our spirits free
Set us free
And let us soar above
We long to be free

My life is in the mountains
The inspiring, towering peaks
Reaching forever toward the sky
And falling somewhere inbetween
You wait for me at the foothills
As I resolve my rocky roots

Life is stretching
But we’re not that elastic
Life is growing
But we’re deprived of water,
Sun, and food
And we’re rooted in place

My life is held in bones
Fragile, self-contained
Breaking under pressure
Under stress

This poem has a weird freakin’ rhyme scheme. I put it in the “Blank/Free Verse” category on Deviant Art, even though it has some semblance of pattern. I create a pattern, though, and break it. My poetry is kind of weird. :/