“Distract You”
September 2005

Broken, breaking, shatter, blast
Deafening explosions fill my mind
Where was the calm before the storm
All I know is this pandemonium
Collect up the pieces
Of my broken spirit
Blown apart
Before its time
There’s no more to look forward to
Don’t expect it to get any better

A great wind rises up
To blow us all away
We’re hardly expecting
To escape it all this time
I don’t see another way
To change our airborne fate

Distract you
Compact you
Force you back and away
You’re no more
I don’t need more
You’ve nothing left for me

This is another poem that’s a composite of a couple incompatible, or simply not-meshing-very-well ideas. There’s the poem “Distract You,” whose name I rather like, and then there’s this other poem that seems inserted into the middle of it, which I think has a name to do with airplanes. It’s a confusing mishmash.