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The battle had already turned in their favor. With the timely appearance of Occela and Nenshe, the spectral beasts were unable to completely surround and outflank the heroes. Despite their wounds, Elysia and Illyra fought with renewed strength — Occela’s guidance and support bolstering their resolve.

Occela shouted over the battle, “shall we push them back!”

Elysia’s face instinctively made an expression of amused incredulity, though she had neither the time nor the presence of mind to direct it toward Occela. “What exactly are you proposing?” she asked.

“What?” Occela shouted back.

Elysia turned her head, “I said-” She stopped short when she saw someone fast-approaching behind Occela. Her mouth hung open a moment while her mind connected one thought to another.

In the meantime, Aleska let out a roar of challenge, charged past Occela, and catapulted herself into the throng of spectral creatures. All of them — heroes and spirits alike — felt the tug of the Clamor as Aleska wound it around her.

Her feet planted apart, Aleska straightened her posture and swung her club in a wide, slow arc before she beat it across her shield to dramatic effect. “I am your enemy,” she intoned. Grasses and roots erupted from the ground around her feet and entwined around her legs, spreading quickly to cover her and fill gaps in her armor.

She casually swatted a spirit-wolf with a backhand swing as it tried to get past her. “I am your enemy,” she said again. “Face me!” She beat her club against shield. “Face me!”

“Shall we push them back?” asked Occela.

Elysia shrugged and said, “okay.”