So I got a bunch of new Magic: the Gathering cards last week, and I started to sort them out and integrate them with my existing collection. I love sorting through the cards because it never fails to give me ideas for stories, adventures, and characters. I’ve taken to keeping my pen and notebook close at hand for when I get ideas. ‘Course I also get new ideas for decks at the same time.

I had a blue “beat down” style deck that I’ve been trying to fine-tune so it’s more effective, and generally more successful. It’s a mix of artifacts and blue creatures, and takes advantage of inexpensive creatures with disadvantages, like the Brackwater Elemental that costs U(2) and dies at the end of any turn in which it attacks or blocks (but can be “unearthed” to attack one more time).

I also have creatures like Somber Hoverguard and Quicksilver Behemoth, with “affinity for artifacts” driving down their casting costs. I also have Lumengrid Gargoyles for straightforward, flying beat-down. It isn’t a subtle deck, by any stretch of the imagination, but I’m proud of it because I don’t normally think of big, nasty creatures when I think of blue, this deck sort of defies expectations.

I suppose a deck list should be in order, so people can pick apart my card choices. I should have thought to bring it with me, so I could write it down. *shrug*