I updated the “About” page to reflect the fact that I’m planning on making “To Catch A Goat” a permanent feature of the website. I haven’t yet decided how to organize the bits of writing yet, I was thinking by the week, perhaps, once I have a couple of them stored up. For now, they’re easy enough to get to by clicking the “To Catch A Goat” under categories on the sidebar, but at some point, it’ll doubtless be easier to read if it’s all in one place.

Beside that, there isn’t a whole lot else going on — though I’ve been thinking about how I’d still like to build a game in RPGMaker. Perhaps after I’ve done a bit more in Rumors of War, or “To Catch A Goat,” or maybe after my page views/readership has hit another spike — curiously enough, it makes it easier to accept more creative responsibilities when I know there are people watching and reading. Maybe ’cause I’m an incorrigible ham and I like to perform before an audience.

Just the same, it’s nice to have ongoing projects. I’m always working on Rumors of War, blogging quite regularly, and now I’ve “To Catch A Goat” going. Could I do more at the same time? Maybe, I don’t know. What happens when I reach my limit? Have I found my limit yet? I don’t know. Do I have a limit? Probably. I’ll know it when I find it — or maybe I won’t know it, and everything will fall down about my ears in a great avalanche. Or maybe I don’t have a limit at all. Wouldn’t that be nice? *snerk*