I just realized that I had the wrong entries linked for parts of “Our Powers Combined.” Everything should be in its proper place, now. I wonder if anyone noticed before? If they did, they didn’t mention it to me. *sigh* I don’t like having an error on the page like that and finding out about it myself. Makes me wonder how many people might’ve noticed and … you know, never mind. :P

I’d like to take this opportunity to point out that I have a contest: “Guess the Class!”

If you think you know which Fourth Edition Dungeons & Dragons class each of the main characters of Rumors of War belongs to, send me a short argument for why they belong to the class, and I might choose you to flesh out one or more background characters for the next story arc. (You advise name, appearance, and personality.)

Because I shamelessly reuse as many of the characters and locations from Rumors of War as possible, there’s a good chance (assuming the characters survive) they’ll make cameos in later story arcs as well. I’d be happy to give you a shout-out on my blog here to anyone who enters, if there’s a website you want me to plug (within reason). You have until the end of May to enter, so get cracking!