If I had actually said anything (instead of gasping a little) when I first stumbled across Ash’s Guide to RPG Personality & Background, it probably would have been “holy crap,” because that’s totally what my gasp meant anyway. In addition to being fantastic for players and game masters, there’s a wealth of stuff here for writers, too. (As is usually the case anyway.)

This is, up to this point, the most thorough and unflinching guide to all the aspects of a character’s personality, wrapped up very neatly in a series of tables. It’s something I’d have loved years ago, instead of dredging through bizarre “madness” tables in D&D’s Unearthed Arcana, and playing The Sims 2 for the daily lives of characters. (Not that they aren’t fun, of course, but this guide is much easier to digest.)

So, I’m an instant fan of this site. I immediately got ideas just by scrolling through the lists and tables, and I made copious notes in the handy notebook I carry around with me everywhere I go. And when you think you’ve run out of things you can get from Ash’s Guide, be sure to check the links page for additional resources. I recognized the first five links or so, and I knew it was a goldmine. This is a great website for roleplayers and writers alike.