Not sure if what I’ve been working on the last week has been necessarily an assignment for review (a new, Spring 2011 anime series) but taking as long as I have to finish watching the half-dozen or so episodes online so I can review it has certainly given me the not-working-fast-enough assignment guilt, so it might as well be a review assignment. I have finished viewing, though, and I’m on to reviewing.

…And my timing couldn’t be better, because I just got the anime series for my next assignment in the mail yesterday. Okay, I have a time limit, then. I want to write up the current show today, have it finished no later than tomorrow, and I need to get cracking on this series that just arrived on DVD. I’ll need to review not just the show, in this case (since it’s a US release), but also the bonus content and the box design, as well.

Most of what I’ve reviewed thus far as been stuff I had only a passing understanding of, at best. Nothing I was really familiar with, nothing I was anticipating or specifically looking for — though I imagine as I start to become more familiar with current anime/manga trends, I’ll start to see the patterns, and then I can be the always-in-the-know super-savvy reviewer guy. It’s a cool mental image.