This website came up within our writing group, The goal is one that lies somewhere between National Novel Writing Month and National Poetry Writing Month — instead of writing one novel over thirty days, or one poem every day, we write one story every day. The rules are even less stringent than either of the others: you decide what a story is (fifty or five thousand words), and you’re allowed to decide what every day is (like taking the weekends off).

I think the concept fits in with my vignettes quite nicely, and I think what I may do is simply extend the practice of writing character vignettes from the main cast (once I finish the twenty I already have planned), to other characters who haven’t had much screen time. I think I could have fun with this. *grin*

Eh, so we’ll see just how much I can adhere to the spirit of writing “a story a day.” I’ve actually written a dozen stories in the last twenty-or-so days which is exemplary, I think. *snerk* That’s enough patting myself on the back — they’re hardly stories, more like scene fragments. They don’t work without prior knowledge of the characters — I don’t think any of them work if you haven’t read the comic, actually.

Er, so yeah. If you write excessively, give Story A Day a try. I’m going to.