Tomorrow concludes the fifth story arc of the comic — there’s a bonus page, so make sure to look for the little grey button near the bottom to see the second page. Wednesday begins the sixth story arc, I promise Nenshe will not be in a big, crazy, swirly colorful mess of whosiwhatsit. Once was more than enough.

Not much changes in the format, though I feel like I should say something, since there are only four times a year that this happens — one story arc ends and another begins. This next one will advance the story several months, to the summer.

Funny, I sat down to finish tonight’s pages and get a start on the first few pages of the next story arc, and I couldn’t find my notes on Chapter 31 for the life of me. I searched the last three months worth of notebooks — which is actually only three notebooks, but still — and I checked back as far as December, and I couldn’t find my notes.

So I sat down and very methodically recreated what I could remember, and in about 30 minutes had a refined version of my outline for the sixth story arc. I’m thinking it’s probably better than the first one I did, if only because I was freaking desperate when I wrote it this time. More than likely, I’ll find the old one in a couple of days.

For now, I’m just going to be proud of my brain. Without the conditioning of the last year, I wouldn’t have been able to hash out an outline so thoroughly on such short notice. So, huzzah for my brain, and all its mighty, bewildering feats.