Last night, I was thinking about the Survival skill, one of the twelve skills in the game system I’m designing. Part of the process of developing the Rumors of War setting is the ongoing design work I do in the background for this game system. The Survival skill is necessary because a significant portion of the setting is wild, undeveloped lands, teeming with all manner of strange beasts.

Survival is mainly used in hunting (and stalking) prey, foraging, finding shelter, identifying and/or befriending natural beasts, and “roughing it” in a variety of environments. Because most towns and cities are little more than outposts on the edge of an omnipresent wilderness. And though there are gods that revere the wilds, nature has its own masters — generally spirits, elementals, and the fair folk.

I found a brilliant illustration to do with forestry this afternoon, that numbered the stages of development in a forest preserve and compared it to the life cycles of human beings. It was very easy for me to parse and gave me a few ideas for incorporating more natural … uh, stuff … into the setting. There are honestly so many different things I need to research for the setting, stuff like this is gold.