So, I was thinking about “this thing” a bit ago (perhaps some months), and the thought just popped back into my head again after stewing for … however long it was (vague, I know). I don’t think it had been my original intent to name all of the chapters and/or story arcs in Rumors of War, but I had a go at the first six chapters and had fun with it. When we changed over to the ComicPress theme, though, those chapter titles disappeared, and with them, the chapter summaries.

When I started to think about it lately (that is, a few minutes ago), it occurred to me that I could well put chapter summaries under the “About This Site” page, in that nifty little drop-down menu thing they have. The “About” page might work for an overall summary, but I should probably have additional summaries, and perhaps chapter breakdowns on the site itself (since there isn’t a wiki for the comic … er, there isn’t one available to be publicly viewed, anyway).

So, I want to work on that, as a side project, over the next couple weeks. Obviously, it’s Yet Another Project, but if I can focus on getting the chapter titles and descriptions that I already have done first, maybe I can use the momentum to get through the later chapters, and hopefully not get too caught up in rereading my own comic … er, yeah. Weird problem, there. It’s been a while, and I only have my notes to go from otherwise.