I’ve mentioned before that the characters in Rumors of War have Fourth Edition counterparts, and I’ve dropped hints as to what their respective roles and powers are. More hints are of course scattered through the vignettes that I’ve been writing over the last month, so I’m curious to see if any of you out there have figured out who the characters are, and what their powers are.

Contest Rules: Send me a list with each of the following characters — Elysia, Illyra, Nenshe, Occela, and Aleska (who has only appeared in the vignettes so far) — along with the Fourth Edition Dungeons & Dragons character class you think they belong to, and why. The more info you provide to support your guess, the better, including hints from within both the comic and the vignettes.

Simply sending a list of the character names and their classes is worth a mention in the blog when the contest ends, what I’m looking for is the thought behind the connection, more than accuracy, which means someone who gives me a detailed analysis of the character and why they belong to X class is likely to do better than someone who simply guesses correctly.

The contest ends at the stroke of midnight on May 31st.

Contest Winner(s): One or more winners (depending on how many people enter, and how well people do overall) will have the opportunity to provide character details (including, but not limited to: name, hair/skin color, background, verbal tics, bizarre accents, wacky hairdos, clothing design, et cetera) for one or more cultists to appear in the next story arc. (Most likely appearing around Chapters 34-36.)

I’ll give you a couple of big hints, here and now: I originally designed the characters in Third Edition, and while they began to take shape by the end of 2009, their character designs didn’t solidify until December 2010. None of the characters use Essentials classes, so that narrows the field to all the “classic” classes present in the Player’s Handbook 1, Player’s Handbook 2, Player’s Handbook 3, Eberron Player’s Guide, and the Forgotten Realm’s Player Guide.

I’ll announce the winners on Monday, June 6th, unless I have absolutely no last-minute entries and can let you all know before then. Once you know you’re a winner, we’ll correspond via email about the character’s appearance and unless you want to provide the sprites yourself, we’ll discuss the sprites to be used — I have the final say on everything that goes in the comic, of course, but I’m a really nice guy, so I want it to look as much like “your character” as possible.

Now, for your convenience, a listing of all the character classes presented in the books listed above. Remember that I’m more interested in why you think a character belongs to the class, than whether you guess correctly or not.

Player’s Handbook
Cleric — divine leader
Fighter — martial defender
Paladin — divine defender
Ranger — martial striker
Rogue — martial striker
Warlord — martial leader
Warlock — arcane striker
Wizard — arcane controller

Player’s Handbook 2
Avenger — divine striker
Barbarian — primal striker
Bard — arcane leader
Druid — primal controller
Invoker — divine controller
Shaman — primal leader
Sorcerer — arcane striker
Warden — primal defender

Player’s Handbook 3
Ardent — psionic leader
Battlemind — psionic defender
Monk — psionic striker
Psion — psionic controller
Runepriest — divine leader
Seeker — primal controller

*To everyone’s collective relief, no character is a hybrid of two classes (552 possibilities). Further, no character is multiclassed.

Eberron Player’s Guide
Artificer — arcane leader

Forgotten Realms Player’s Guide
Swordmage — arcane defender

Please indicate your interest by including your email address in a comment below. I’ll send an email to you, reiterating the rules, and you can send in your final entry any time before the end of May. If this proves successful, I’ll see about setting up a separate email address to send contest entries to, but in the meantime, this helps me to cut down on spam.