One of the other decks I worked on over the weekend was another I think I’m going to call “Brain Tax.” It’s based on a deck that I built a year or more ago and dissembled which was wizard- tribe-oriented but otherwise had very little focus. It tried to be control, beat down, and a couple other things at the same time, and it did most of them poorly.

I got a couple more Tome Scours in the bunch of cards I bought, as well as a couple Jace’s Erasures and I got this picture in my mind of combining them with several Cathartic Adepts and some Grixis Battlemages. Oh, and with a handful of the black enchantment, Megrim, just thrown in for kicks. It’s a “millstone” style deck, built to kill the opponent’s library. (“Milling,” “stoning,” or simply “decking” in the vernacular.)

I originally had some more wizard- tribal cards in the deck, but I think I ditched them in favor of keeping to the deck’s purpose, which is simply to destroy the opponent’s library. It’s the sort of thing that’s difficult to defend against, with creatures or with damage prevention/life gain. A control deck would probably beat it though, or a direct damage/damage spike deck. (Do those still exist? I haven’t seen one in forever.)

Anyway, the whole thing works out to be incredibly low in the casting cost-department, which is always a win with me, and it doesn’t take very long to get started — I prefer several short games over to one or two drawn-out matches.