For the last in the series of Rumors of War character vignettes (the last for now, anyway), I’m writing a five-part shiny extravaganza to showcase everyone’s powers. It combines a bit of my laziness for not wanting to come up with a new setting and villain for every vignette with my desire to write larger conflicts with … something else so this list is at least three items long. I’ll let you fill it in using your imagination. Today you get “Our Powers Combined, Part 1.”

If everything goes nicely, and according to plan, you should have all five parts by Sunday, so those of you weekday-readers can read the whole thing when you get into work Monday morning. If I get swamped again this week, as I have the last two weeks, then you won’t get your explosive finale in its entirety until next Tuesday. The best part of this? You get it regardless of how long it takes me. It’s a couple days, either way.

How cool is it to be able to say, “I will have this done by such-and-such a time, because I can, and I have done so in the past,” and be able to mean it? I mean, all of it? Honestly, I do pick up a lot of projects at the same time, and I’ve only seen a few through to completion, but my track record gets better all the time. Here, the project was “write twenty short character pieces based on the characters in Rumors of War.

Some day, I might actually get around to some of my larger projects, like a full-blown computer or tabletop roleplaying game. Or an interactive fiction piece. Or, you know, a novel or three. Writing seems to be working for me lately, so that’s what I’m sticking to. Maybe I’ll start another series of vignettes once this one is concluded, and then there’s “yay, more stuff” to read. Speaking of which, I probably ought to create a separate page on the site for the vignettes…