I had this cool idea about how to better get into the heads of the Rumors of War characters. Not that I don’t already have a feel for them, I should hope I have some idea of what they’re like after all this time, but I wanted something else to write. They’re all supposed to be pretty badass, and I don’t think I’ve been giving them the full credit they deserve.

So, for your reading pleasure, I present a series of one-off power demonstrations: each of the characters demonstrates one (or more) of their abilities in the context they’re supposed to be used. With any luck (fingers crossed), I might well find ways to better incorporate their … uh … talents into the story. Of course, we’re still facing a major “special effects failure” given the story’s sprite-comic nature… *shrug*

At the very least, I hope they are an entertaining read. I’m going to try really, really heard not to make a story out of the vignettes. They’re supposed to be fun. Just fun. Nothing else. Certainly nothing that happens in the context of the comic’s story. But… if they were to happen in the context of the comic’s story, I’d have to rewrite them and name the unlucky victims. Which I’m totally not going to do. They’re just mooks.

All told, there should be about twenty vignettes when I’m done. Enough for one a day for a while. If I find a way to stretch them through the end of the month, all the better. I like to think of them like the “demonstration mode” you can get in the Soul Calibur series. With … maybe a bit more of the character’s personality involved … and never mind. Moving on.