Occela’s head hurt. The Clamor in this part of the city was especially loud and particularly disruptive. She had difficulty focusing on her surroundings, and very much wanted to crawl into a quiet corner until the world decided to stop trying to wriggle out from under her feet.

“Occela! You still with me?” asked Elysia. “A little help, if you will!”

A hulking figure loomed in front of them, its features indistinct to Occela’s complaining eyes. But Occela could sense an otherworldliness to the beast. It only wore the guise of a man, she knew it to be a creature from beyond the edges of the world. It meant to do them terrible harm, and Occela would have none of it.

She dipped her mind into the aether as though drinking from a stream. The cool and familiar caress of the spirit world was inviting, and it promised her a life without want or hardship if only she would free them… it was Gaia’s unyielding plea, and it mingled with the distant cries of the doomed titans in Tartarus.

Occela shook off Gaia’s grasp, and whispered the name of her other self, a word which pierced the din of the Clamor. She bade her spirit-twin join her, and guided it through the veil and into the mortal world. Her soul-twin interposed itself between Elysia and the thing, and Occela pushed it forward with an instinct to protect.

The looming hulk recoiled in a mockery of distress. Occela sought out Elysia’s heart, which she perceived as a shining bowl, and she poured into it feelings of confidence until it was overflowing. “Remember that I can and will gladly accompany you, on any manner of unpleasant and potentially hazardous journey.”