In order to demonstrate Occela’s power in her vignette, I needed to include another character. In doing so, I seem to have opened a floodgate — the next two vignettes also feature other characters, either working together, or making cameo appearances. Worse still, they’re starting to develop a storyline, which I never intended at all. Completely, totally unintentional.

Then again, I’m having fun and I feel like I’m accomplishing something. Each of these vignettes is actually about the size I ought to write when expanding phases. I write a 50-odd word phase, then I turn it into a 300-odd word, uh, well, I forget what the different parts were supposed to be called. It just works out to be 50 -> 300. I think, technically, I’m supposed to write between one hundred-fifty and two hundred words per phase, but I seem to hit three hundred words with consistency.

Anyway, more characters per vignette works out to be fun. I think I’ll be okay up until the point that I start creating an alternate continuity … which I guess I’ve already done with the vignettes. Oh well. *shrug* I totally don’t need to explain myself, I’m writing for fun. Just for fun! I mean, it’s an exercise too, but it’s just supposed to be for fun!