I just finished reading an interesting article called “The Shoggoth Chic: Why HP Lovecraft Now?” that discusses Lovecraft and his works, as well as those of Tolkien, and compares the men and their respective works of fiction, beyond the fact that apparently neither writer liked their first name much…

The article’s broken up into three sections, the first of which discusses Lovecraft, his appearance in modern popular culture despite himself, and a bit about his work. The second section introduces Tolkien into the conversation, compares and contrasts the men, their upbringing, their worldviews, and their writings, and the final section wraps everything up nicely.

It was a fun read and I’d recommend it to anyone interested in Lovecraft (and Tolkien, I suppose), his writing, his effect on popular culture, et cetera. It is a bit on the lengthy side, but it was able to hold my interest, and I think that says something in its favor. I’ve read a digestible chunk of Lovecraft … namely The Colour Out of Space and Dreams in the Witch-House, and they certainly influenced my writing.

Also, the article gave me the lovely image of a hobbit and a shoggoth walking hand-in-hand down the yellow brick road. It’s rather adorable.