You know, as much as I enjoy poetry and the writing of, I don’t think it all needs to go on the blog, and it doesn’t need to be the only thing that goes in the blog. I’ve had a nice run here, and I’ve written a lot, and now it’s time to go back to writing stuff-full entries, because there’s a lot of stuff going on that I want to write about. I have some other writing that I want to go online!

So, I think I’ll make an effort to occasionally punctuate my posts entries with poetry. I’m just not going to fill an entire month with nothing but my chaotic word-scrambly.

So, the next thing I post will be a bit of writing for another project that I had queued up for May that I decided not to wait on — short, short writings pertaining to each of the main characters in Rumors of War, which I’m going to try to add too (a little) every day. I guess it’s flash fiction … it sort of has a purpose to characterize the … eh, I’m rambling now. Look for it later this afternoon.