I think I’ve mentioned once or twice that I have character sheets for all the main characters in Rumors of War, and I may even have said that they’re all built using Fourth Edition rules. I might have mentioned (if not before, then now) that part of the vignette exercise is to held cement my interpretation of the characters’ magic and powers — what they think of them, how they use them, et cetera.

I’m sure I mentioned that part of the reason I’m writing the vignettes is to help remind myself that the cast, for all their moral posturing and such, are badass. I don’t want it to be an informed ability, all these people are badass, plain and simple. I’m afraid that while working on the webcomic, which has a limited capacity for conveying action, this doesn’t come across very well, and/or I forget.

Somewhere in here, I was supposed to talk about their powers, which I’ve reinterpreted to be closer to the characters’ concepts (changing the names and flavor text) and that I usually don’t name the power until I’ve decided what it looks like. Nenshe’s powers, which are “merely superhuman,” require a somewhat different treatment, and I’m still working on them. I’m still not quite to the point I wanted to make.

Ah, yes. One of the silly things that came to mind when I named Aleska’s “Spectral Din,” was that her defender powers make use of the setting’s Clamor, and therefore a “ClamorDin,” which sounds like a specific paladin build in a fantasy game that features paladins. I think there was a joke in there somewhere that got lost.

“ClamorDin.” Ha ha.