I have perceptible changes in my writing style. Usually as I hit upon a new concept or facet that I want to try to cover in my writing, it occurs to me to approach things in a different matter, and the way my mind arranges information for storytelling purposes … shifts. Priorities in providing information … shift. Characters and their manifesting personality traits … shift.

I noticed after I critiqued a short story for our writing group that made use of Book Ends, that another concept I was working on fit in very nicely with the … whatever it was I was thinking of. Um, to make sense of that, I was looking at the idea of using different viewpoint characters, objects, places, events, and moods. Then it occurred to me that beginning and ending on the same note lends credibility to a concept.

Taking that to the next step, one can subvert or avert the Book Ends concept by having the viewpoint change, but one of the ideas about the scene is “what’s changing,” what’s important. I know I have trouble focusing on what I’m doing if I don’t make it very clear to myself. If the mood is what we start with, then I want to show how the mood changed, if it’s truly important. If the location is what we start with, then I want to show how the location changed (or didn’t).

Sometimes the viewpoint object (or character, or place, or event, or mood) is immutable, and remains in the same state as it was when the scene began. I’m babbling at this point, I have no idea if I just got any useful information across. I’m thinking about these things. It’s interesting. I’m going to go now… *whistles tunelessly*