When I started the vignettes, I wanted to make them short and fun. I wanted to explore the concepts of each of the characters in the context of their respective powers and abilities. Since I started, I’ve wondered a little about what their powers embody, and how they might have other relevant powers that might not seem immediately obvious.

Beside that, I realized that I was going to get really bored with writing the vignettes if I didn’t start creating some more interesting baddies for the characters to spar with — I briefly considered having the characters spar with each other, but I’m not entirely sure that’s in my best interest right now. I’m still working out what I want each of their magics to feel like — the antagonists are getting a bit more interesting. (I think, anyway.)

Some other thoughts have come up, partly to do with the structure of the Rumors of War comic proper, and some to do with how I’ve presented the characters up to this point. I think, once I’ve finished with the “short demonstration” vignettes, which are only meant to give me a sandbox, I want to pursue bits of prose that actually fill gaps in the comic’s narrative. It’ll take a bit of effort, though, to keep the continuity of year one.

Meh, I’m making excuses now. I’m sure I’ll do it when I feel like it. *snerk*