I’ve probably mentioned at least once, at some point, that I work at a small software company (I do administration assistance: correspondence, data entry, invoicing, filing, that sort of stuff) and we only just released a new version of our software — the first major release in a year or so. It’s a pretty big deal, and we’ve been swamped with work. Phone calls, orders, it’s all coming in at once.

Anyway, that means I’ve been exhausted the last few days, and there’s very little I can do except to stumble forward and keep doing what I’m doing, try to keep up. It’s great work, I mean, it’s great for work, and it also leaves me totally drained. Here I am, catching up on the day’s posts at ten o’clock at night, that’s how long it took me to get to them. There’s something I need to get to, which is what’s coming up.

I have no intention of falling behind. Of course, life doesn’t always work out the way we’d like it to, but I certainly have no intention of letting anything slip behind so far that I couldn’t make it up. Especially the comic. For me to miss an update (I don’t just mean that it’s late in the day, I mean that I actually miss an update) would be unthinkable. The site’s been down at least once, and there might’ve been a glitch…

…The thing is that one of my worst fears is that Rumors of War might become an Orphaned Series. Under no circumstances do I ever want that to happen, come what may. I’ll keep going, to I finish the story, or die trying.