“Your Eyes”
August 2005

It’s hard to see me from your point of view
Deluded, twisted, convoluted, it’s abusive of you
I’d like to say I can move along
Unfazed, unscarred, unmutilated
But I just can’t trust your lying eyes/ your
cheating smile/ your breaking heart/ your
demeaning guile

You’ve got to admit I’m trying hard
/to see the world in light of your lies
But the shadows cast on my heart’s delight
Seems so contrived
I’ve learned from you/ that all I love
will fail me/ I can’t trust anyone I don’t
/can’t trust a one/ There’s not a
soul to call my own/ lost confused and
all alone/ with thoughts of madness all
alone–I just can’t take it from you
any more/ I’m breaking down, I’m losing
out/ I’ve lost my voice, you’ve sold me out

And now I see me like you do
I see the pain I’ve put you through
I’ve heard the blades, I’ve felt the lies
And in the end I know it is who dies
It’s love, the story told me, there’s
nothing left, it’s love, I’ve nothing left

I know the title “Your Eyes” has been on, like, a bajillion poems and songs — and this one is different from most of the ones I’ve read or heard: it’s about a failure to communicate. I had this to say when I originally posted it in 2005:

Lonely Voices paints a picture to me of how communication between people can become so convoluted that when they finally sit down and try and work through it, [emotions and personal views] become inseparable […] [they’re] both doing the same, damn wrong things. When people make mistakes in relationships, no one person is ever to blame. […] Sometimes, they even make the same mistake the exact same way. It takes someone […] to see that both sides faulted equally, identically, and then shift, compromise, and heal the relationship by bringing the two conflicting (same) opposite viewpoints back together, facing the same way and not pitted against each other.