August 2005

Rain is falling
Drip drop
Heart is racing
Drip drop
Blood is running
Drip drop
Mind is racing
Drip drop

Where am I, what am I doing? Who is this–
why aren’t they moving? What have I done–
where am I going? Who am I what have I done?

Rain is falling outside but I can scarcely hear it
Inside my heart is pounding but I can’t calm it
I try to breathe but all I can do is gasp
I let out a half-choked scream at its’ face aghast
There are so many questions I have and yet I can’t–
Too scared to ask, too late to plan

I must get out of here, away to safety
I can’t stay here with this, it’s grisly
I have to go but my legs aren’t moving
Visions of blood an violence wrack my mind’s eye
I awoke to this living nightmare when I–
I can’t even bring myself to even say it
No! I didn’t do it, it wasn’t me, not fair!

I must get out of here there isn’t time
Time to even say goodbye… drip drop

I think I was either listening to Sweeney Todd or reading The Tell-Tale Heart when I wrote this. I can see either work influencing this. *snerk*