“Phroezn Fenix”
August 2005

I’m not sure I’m ready for feelings of this kind
there is no rhyme or reason to this pain I feel
my heart is slowly breaking/ my nerves are all on fire
I feel that I’m ready to burst at any time

I searched the world over for a cure but none I found would suffice
My world exploding around me, I journeyed to mountains high
Cold winds brought me across the land and through plain to here
But what I seek eludes me still, I journey on

Great woods stand before me as I take the plunge
Mountains crack and rivers freeze
I take the next step of my journey
To a cave I have seen in my dreams

I will not enter now, I am afraid
To step beyond this portal, into the dark—
I journey next, I cannot tarry here
These visions must be appeased and so I enter

Here in the dark depths, I find at last
the origin of my condition, locked within frozen torpor
My chilling fate resides, my journey almost over
for greater good or poorer I cast aside all doubts

I am reborn

I totally wrote this poem just so I could use the word “torpor.”