“Not Lost, Not Broken”
8:23 AM 4/6/2011

What do I find, that I’m looking for?
And how do I find it?
Is it in good shape, is it a wreck?
Is it worth the wait?
Do I even know I’m looking for,
Whatever I think I’m looking for?
Or am I deceiving everyone,
Including myself?

There’s a place, I can think of,
Where I throw my mind around,
Like an old toy, that’s used up,
And I think to myself, how can
I hope, to get away from what
Holds me down

Am I looking for something,
Or am I deluding myself?
Is there something for me
To find, anywhere?
I don’t even know my name,
Or do I now?
Was I ever missing something
To begin with?

For some reason, I put the wrong date on this when I scheduled it, so here it is, two and a half hours late. *sigh*