“Nonfunctioning Destabilizers”
10:14 AM 4/1/2011

I need to destabilize
I’m like a plane that’s flying
Totally under control
I have a flight plan
And I’m sticking to it
I’m going to have
A safe flight

But I look out to the wing
And I expect to see
A creature there
Tearing things apart
But it’s just me
And my copilot
And everything looks
Just fine

I need to destabilize
I need some turbulence
I need something to
React to
I can’t just go forward
Perfect skies
Blue from here to the
I need some stormy weather
Or a bit of ground below
To surprise me
So I can make use of
All my training

I was prepared
For something worse than this
Why does everything
Have to go according to plan
I want to take
Some evasive action
But everything is going
Just according to plan

The best defense
Is said to be
A good offense
So why is it
That my offense
Never sees use
I feel like I trained
For the wrong thing

What does it mean
That I’m not afraid of flying
When I’ve been taught
To be afraid of heights

I look at my
She’s smiling at me
And gives me
A thumbs-up
It’s all clear
Smooth sailing
On an empty ocean
Of blue sky

A blue world
Is it too much
To ask for?
A little panic
Something to
React to
I just need
A little panic
A distraction
Or else
How will I know
I can take it?
When it happens