“Nameless Dread”
10:50 PM 4/7/2011

And ecstasy
Rolled into one
With a pretty little ribbon on top

You’re so mean to me
With a little heart-shaped bow
And a bunch of flowers
Yeah, a bunch of flowers
Trying to win me over

And you stare at me
From across the room
Blowing kisses at me
With your eyes
Not to mention
Your mouth too

Would you dance for me?
No don’t answer that
Of course you would
If only you could get me
To hold still, now I’m

Running, running, running
What am I doing, doing?
Running, running, running
I don’t even know why

A cute little poem about a young man going to an eldritch abomination strip club … or something like that. *muffled laughter* I’m sure it makes sense in context.