“Lost at Sea”
August 2005

Twisting, swirling, lost in space
Deep underwater I hear your voice
I swim toward the sound, leading saves
But you’ve disappeared below the waves
Lost, confused, estranged
My inner clouds drift over your sea
But I don’t see you/ Just
Beyond my horizon/ There’s not
Enough wind/ To blow me to you
I see your image painted in the stars
But I’m losing steam/ Falling out
You slip my grasp/ So deep I cannot
Fathom–you’re lost to me/ Find you
Please call out to me again
Please call out to me again

From my rather sparse notes at the time, this was written at or around the same time as yesterday’s “Speechless,” and may well have been written at the same time, riding the wave of the same feeling. As it is, though, it’s a totally different poem with a totally different message. Or flow. Or feeling, whatever.

Two different views or ideas from the same feelings. I think that’s what I meant.