“My Reason for Kissing You in the Morning”
August 2005

(verse 1)
I see the sunrise
after the moonfall
just before you rise
you look so peaceful
so peaceful
so peaceful

You can touch it, taste it
mold it, shape it
play with my heart
you can bend it, break it
mend it, make it
complete my soul

(verse 2)
I want to touch you
but not wake you
You look so beautiful
I want to hold you
to hold you
to hold you


I don’t ask much of you
I don’t even ask
I want to know you, hold you
see you, breathe you
life is a miracle
that much’s empirical
love’s not ephemeral
feelings at last congealed
love’s now
love’s now
love’s now

(verse 3)
I’ve seen a summer
you got me through winter
Now it’s springtime
the best time for dreaming
for dreaming
for dreaming

I kiss you in the morning ’cause I love to see you smile
I tell my jokes and laugh to tickle you inside
I don’t plan for more, or expect more
and I hope I satisfy you, I just can’t ask for more


Is it obvious how much of a goonish romantic I am?