“Ice Cream Dreams”

I had a dream the other night
A dream I haven’t had in some time
I wonder what life’s got in store for me
I’ve always thought that heroes would save us all
All we had to do was pray

I have this feeling like never before
I wonder if maybe everything I thought was wrong
And there are no heroes left to take us higher
Higher to another plane, where we all live
Have I lost faith after all this time?

Is this despair?
Have my hopes all dissolved
Are my dreams and aspirations
Just become air?
I wonder if it’s solved
All the problems of generations
No more heroes for us today~

I had a dream last night as I lay down
/and closed my eyes
I saw things I’d not seen before in a long, long time
I wondered if it meant anything
I wondered if anything meant what it should

I dream and I see
the way things should be
I ask and I pray
every night and day
to give me an answer
to this mood, this cancer
a plague that dogs my thoughts

Scoops of ice cream won’t answer your needs
You’ll need to look elsewhere
Open before you is an expasne
/of water and color
of things you’ve never see before
twinkling and sparkling
all for you — you’d never know
it was all for you from the start

So I’ve sat here now lost more than before
/and got no answer to what I seek
I exhale again, another cause unanswered
I don’t see anymore
I guess it’s time to dream again

I never thought I’d see the other side
/of the lake
But it gets closer with every stroke
I’d imagine

Not a part of NaPoWriMo, just starting to add some of my poetry from DeviantArt.