“Glacier Grey”
July 2005

I don’t know what was running through
my head that morning down on the lake
The fog was in — and it was snowing?
I see icicles in everything I do
So cold, falling from the clouds above
I came down here to see the lake

I find the hours drifting by
/at an ice floe’s glacier pace
I haven’t a clue what’s in the sky
/but I seem just fine with this place

I see myself here in a hundred years
/long after the winter of my life
Resting here on this cold chilly morning
/with cold grey fingers tight on my heart

What’s to say / Don’t look away
Or be ashamed
I’m growing old on the inside, though you can’t see
I’ve seen the winter, and again just before you

You don’t have to understand how I can sit
And watch the fog roll in — the ice could
melt — and I’d be just as lost
Or I could fall asleep — and lose this quiet frost
I don’t blame you, don’t look away
My favorite color’s grey

I wanted to turn this into a song. I kinda still do, as a matter of fact.