“Friends, Strangers, Lovers”
10:35 AM

See my art
Littered about
What does it mean?
Who’s looking?
Why should they care?
It pains me
To great lengths
To see myself
In what I make
Should I leave it?
I mean, leave it alone?
Should I abandon it?
My own progeny?

Is it me?
Did I really make it?
It must be
A sad reflection
Should I be surprised?
When it takes on a life
Of its own
And leaves me
Striking out on its own?

I feel bereft
Of what I made and
Didn’t see
‘Til it was gone
And maybe it missed me
The first time
Or perhaps the other
Way ’round
Maybe it misses me now

We are united
When we once were apart
Is it fixed?
My friendship with my art?
It seems strained
I can see it at times
When we’re together
But the most when apart

I need space
From time to time
To learn my flaws
And the flaws of my art
We work together
Quite beautifully
It’s so transparent
When she’s looking at me

But I’m me
And I’m needy and broken
I need space
So I’m not taken for granted
I live alone
When I’m not by myself
With my friend in my art