“Faces of the Moon”
10:25 AM 4/10/2011

Faces everywhere
Coming at me from
All angles
Asking me questions
About the things I
Should know
I can’t refuse to
Answer them
Or find a place to
Hide from them
I’m followed by
These faces that
Want to know me

Do the faces think
Of me and what I
Mean to myself
And others like me
Are they like me
Do they want to be
Like me, or am I
Forgetting something
Simple like always

It isn’t that I want
To avoid the faces
All around me
It isn’t that I think
They don’t care
Maybe I’m just lazy
Somehow unprepared
Maybe I’m not ready
For them to care

Maybe I wanted this
Maybe I brought it on
Myself, maybe they
Just want to know
What I’m about
The faces follow me
And I know they’re
Always there
I think I must find
A way to take comfort
In their presence