August 2005

This pounding in my head
This bitter taste in my mouth
I feel I’ve lost my mind
I look around and see no light
I’ve lost sight of what I seek
In life, in love, in truth
Nowhere to turn, no one awake
To what I need to share/ I love
I want to touch/ I need you with
Me/ Don’t go away/ Come back
I need to get in touch/ I’ve come
So far alone/ I have to get
Back in touch/ You don’t understand
I’ll help you/ Take my hand please
Please come with me/ You’re the one
I feel it/ I feel you/ I want to
Get to know/ To love you/ Please
Come back/ I know how it seems
I need the stuffing/ I need the
Stitches/ These won’t last long
I’m bursting at the seams/ I need a
Patch/ I’m bursting at the seams
Eyes not seeing/ Breath not coming
I can’t find what I’m looking for
Turn on the light/ Breathe into me
I feel you out in the dark/ But
You won’t stay/ You’re leaving me
You’ll show me out/ Then go away
I can’t find you again/ I need you
Here with me/ I need you here with me
Don’t wait ’til it’s too late
You’ll come back/ I found you once
You’ll come back/ I need to believe
I want to need to love to be too
I see too, smell too, breathe too
I feel too, and now at last I see
The ocean opening up before me
It flows forever into infinity/ See
Through my own obliteration/ I’ve
Lost myself looking to you/ No
Longer in sight of me/ I see
Only you/ It’s not for me/ I have
To get away/ No more for me/ I
Hold on to my bleeding heart/ It’s
Not for me/ I run away/ I cannot stay
I’m hurt but I’ll be back again
I’ll be back for peace of mind

I’m glad I glanced over this before queuing it up, I fixed an ancient spelling error.