Some of you might be wondering who this Aleska person is, and what they’re doing in the series of character vignettes for the Rumors of War cast. Well, to answer your question, I’d like to direct your attention to Chapter/Issue 22 of Rumors of War. In a flashback that takes place between the first and second story arcs, Occela drops a hint that the group will eventually be joined by a fifth member.

You might have already guessed (though I didn’t leave a whole lot of time for speculation) that Aleska is the fifth member in the cast’s destined five-man band. She’ll join the group at some point in the future, in as soon as one year, or as many as two or three. I’ll tell you right now: she’s awesome. You might have already guessed at that, too, but I want to say it up front, so there’s no need for speculation.

Large parts of her character have been decided already, though her background is still fluctuating a little bit, due to some unintentional similarities with Occela’s background. You’ll get a glimpse at her personality and the spot she fills in the group’s dynamic through the vignettes. I can tell you her presence fills a large hole that’s a significant source of the group’s current discord. Her arrival should herald a new level of badass.